My last 48 hours in the USA. . .

My last 48 hours perfectly epitomized the 8 wonderful weeks of my holiday — lots of fun, lots of action and most importantly, lots of family!  Leisa and Bruce arrived to spend a little time with us in Idyllwild and drive us back to Los Angeles.  Here we are outside the cabins.

We took off for a drive around the winding alpine streets of Idyllwild.  Talk about a constrast in architecture compared with DC, New York and Michgan! What I found fascinating was the fact that all the homes blended in so perfectly with the surroundings — even though they were quite different — ranging from Swiss cottages,  bungalows and A-frames to large modern homes.

Then it was time to show Leisa and Bruce the town!  Idyllwild village that is,  but it happened to be one of the most happening times of the year — Halloween! While we waited for the action to begin, we popped into some of the galleries. All the art is created by local artists and it is quite stunning.

As we waited for everyone to show up in their Halloween customes we spied  this colorful Macaw parrot. His wings weren’t clipped but his owner said that he had no interest in flying away because he likes people too much!

And then the fun began. Have a look at some of these super creative Halloween costumes!

We ate at a local restaurant before retiring to our cabin to watch a movie then hit the hay.  The next morning, sadly, it was time to say good bye to our mountain retreat.

Bruce and Leisa packed up the car and we began winding down the mountain road heading back to Los Angeles.  On the way down we pulled over to a viewing bay and enjoyed the glorious vista before us.

My flight was not till the evening so we did some more sightseeing.  Leisa and Bruce took us to an area of LA called Pasadena.  It is a beautiful city and is especially famous for its Arts & Crafts architecture. This home below was designed by the Green Brothers, who are well known pioneers of the movement in the USA.  It’s called Gamble House, named after Mr & Mrs Gamble (of Procter & Gamble) who hired the Greens to create their  special “summer house”.  The beautiful stained glass tree pattern that you see as part of the front doors has come to represent the Arts & Craft movement as well as Pasadena itself.

Of course the day would not have been complete without trying out a new cafe. This one was called  “Intelligentsia”  and I took this “cool shot” as we sat outside in lovely sunny weather.

Then it was onto the Pasadena Church of Scientology, which recently became a brand new ideal organization.  It is situated in a lovely historic building in the heart of Old Town Pasadena and is absolutely gorgeous. And note the Arts & Craft motif that can be seen throughout.

And finally… it was time to head to LA International Airport and confront the 15 hour trip back home.

So there you have it, my last 48 hours is the USA!  I have really loved keeping you updated through my travel blog.  Thank you so much for sharing these amazing experiences with me!    Love Melva


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