Another Happy Reunion!

After many years it was wonderful to meet up with my niece Fleur.  She was back from the UK and caught up with her mother and I.  We showed her the sights of Idyllwild,  including making friends with a baby racoon.

And Fleur took us to where she and her two sisters work and live,  Golden Era Productions. We were fortunate enough to be given an extensive tour. Their huge film and sound studios are second to none. At the time, they were shooting scenes in a spaceship where you can see Eunice and I getting ready for take off.  It is an amazing complex set in beautiful grounds. We met one of the main chefs who is also an awesome cake maker and we were treated to a delicious afternoon snack.  Night had set in by the time we came to leave and it was all quite magical.

During this last week we further explored the village. Temperatures have dropped and along with this a beautiful morning mist has appeared.  So out
came our warm clothes that up until now had not seen the light of day.

In past years I have made and shipped (at great expense) Xmas cakes to the family in the US so I decided this was a golden opportunity to make it here. Not an easy task in a holiday cabin kitchen but Kiwi ingenuity is alive and well and we and together Eunice and I produced a beautiful cake.

Also, Eunice had been longing for an open fire, so when the temperature dropped to almost zero one night we purchased the required bundle of wood
along with an ingenious firelighter. This will be a piece of cake I thought, being that  I’m an experienced firemaker…but not so. The ancient, enormous,
woodburner/open fire soon sprang into life and Eunice settled into the rocking
chair happily gazing into the flames.

Next thing the peace and quiet was  shattered by the smoke alarm going off!  Not once, but TWICE.

Each time we lept into action, furiously opening all doors and windows, which of course allowed the cold air to rush back in. To add insult to injury, when we got up next morning, everything was covered in a layer of black ash!

My next and last “Farewell USA” blog posting will cover Halloween in Idyllwild and a day in LA with Leisa and Bruce (they are coming to pick up us) before heading to the airport.   Love Melva


One response to “Another Happy Reunion!

  1. I, once again, have enjoyed your blog. The pictures are awesome. You have certainly had an eventful visit (re: the smoke alarms). You left the East Coast in the nick of time. Cara had about 10 inches of snow with the big storm in their area. You can be glad you are on the West Coast. Crystal

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