Palm Springs, Bikies and Cable Car in the Sky. . .

Darnelle and Dave were back to pick us up the next day and this time we headed into the mountains on the way to Palm Springs, a popular oasis in the high desert, for the rich and famous. On the way we passed through a more modern and up-market Palm Desert. What a beautiful sprawling city, true to it’s name, with endless towering palms and tasteful architecture, in various shades of teracotta… and NO high rise buildings. 


When we arrived in Palm Springs City there were thousands of bikies  — mainly veteran — attending the Hot American Motorcycle Weekend. Mostly state-of-the-art Harley Davisons lined the streets, both sides, as far as the eye could see. (I’m sure Paul W. will appreciate these photos.) Needless to say, cafes, bars and restaurants were pumping and doing a roaring trade with everyone having a great time.

We enjoyed an excellent Mexican lunch before hitting the road again.

Then up we climbed to the San Jacinto Mountain Tramway. Scenery on the way was magnificent but not to be compared with actually going up in the cable car, between huge cliffs, to 8,500ft!! As we ascended, the floor of the car revolved giving everyone breathtaking vistas while at the same coming extremely close to the rock face. Close enough to touch I’m sure and every time the car went through a junction it rocked alarmingly. Yikes! At the top were viewing platforms and more photo opportunities… all in all a wonderful experience!

Stay tuned for my next update… our last week in Idyllwild and the Halloween Grand Finale! 

Wish you all were here too…   Love Melva


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