Entering Another World….

Talk about contrasts!  A little more than 24 hours after driving back from New York through beautiful, lush, autumn-toned countryside and cool temperatures, I was in Los Angeles travelling with my sister Eunice through the Californian desert in temperatures of 105F (40C)! Our transport was a rather elderly Corolla with next to no AC in which we were jammed with all our luggage. After 1:30 mins of dry rocky terrain, we started to climb. At this point some green vegetation finally showed itself. We eventually arrived at our “mile high” destination, Idyllwild Village, nestled in an aromatic pine forest.  We found Knotty Pine Cabins and our own Cosy Cabin and settled in. 

There was more excitement the next day when my niece Darnelle and her husband Dave (who many of you will know) arrived for a big reunion after more than twenty years…although once we were together it only seemed like a couple of years!

 After a village lunch we headed back out over the desert to Cabazon, an amazing 230, high-end store outlet complex with terrific bargains…like my $60 leather wallet for $20! If I lived here it would be my favorite place to visit.

Nearby is an Indian Reservation with a majestic casino, Morongo, which had every conceivable type of gambling. We chose to just observe. We ended with a lovely seafood dinner at the 26th-floor restaurant…aren’t we spoilt! This was followed by a lively African American band. We even did a spot of dancing!

Then it was home to bed to prepare ourselves for the next high adventure day! 

Love Melva



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