New York, New York!!!!!!

Being that we only had one day to spend in New York we were lucky to be able to stay fairly close by at the home of Bruce’s sister, Cara and her family, husband Jeff and their lovely girls Ashleigh and Samantha.  They live in Allentown Pennsylvania. Talk about enthusiastic sightseers….we got up at 4am to make it into New York before rush hour. I took this photo of Bruce and Leisa from the back seat as we drove in. Leisa is being “chief navigator” using GPS on her phone.

Here I am in Time Square at 7.30 am!!!  This was taken within the first five minutes of us arriving. As  you can see I was pretty excited!

It was pretty cool watching New York come alive and seeing the early morning sun highlighting the buildings that loomed above us.

Being that Leisa was already familiar with New York, she had a full schedule worked out to maximize our time.  Mostly we walked everywhere otherwise we simply hailed a yellow cab — and there were tons of them!  (Reasonably priced as well.)

We walked down famous 5th Avenue and drooled over the high end fashions (well Leisa and I did at least), I marvelled at the amazing architectual details and noted that there were impressive cathedrals and churches wedged among the skyscrapers.

We went to Central Park which was really beautiful. It is huge and once you enter the park, in just a few hundred feet, you can’t see the buildings anymore and it is hard to believe you are still in New York.  I took these shots near the edge of the park so you could see the contrast of steel and concrete with the greenery of the park.

You can hire a ride in one of these horse drawn carriages. They take you through the winding roads of the park or you can venture out into the traffic and go to a show in Time Square if you want!

Then it was onto Pier 83 for a two hour cruise on the Hudson Bay River to see the sights of the city! It was perfect weather for it. We saw the city skyline, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge among other things.

I would like to say that this is the limo that came to pick us up to take us to our car at the end of the day… but alas it had pulled up outside one of the Broadway theatres…. we had to walk!

Next you will hear from me from the other coast, California.  Hope you enjoyed my tour of New York as much as I did!  Love Melva






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