Never-ending bridge in Maryland!

My latest experience was to travel on one of the longest bridges in the world, the Bay Bridge in Maryland.  Here are some photos  The first photo is what it looked like to us, the others I got off the net so you could see how huge it is.   It actually started as one bridge but there was too much traffic for it…. so the big think American solution of course was to build a second one!

I got to go to this part of the world as Leisa had a commissioned painting to do there, so we figured we would make a day of it.

First we stopped off into Annapolis, the capital of the state, which dates back to the 1600’s.  A beautiful church  serves as a center-piece of the town.

Our next stop was the town of Easton.  Naturally we found ourselves a cute coffee house, called none other than “The Coffee Cat”.  Here we are giving a toast to your health!

On the way back another first for me was to see what a REAL traffic jam is like. We think we have problems in Auckland!  An popular annual festival was being held in Maryland that weekend (it was Friday) and we witnessed  bumper to bumper traffic for ten miles as we flew by constantly thanking the Lord that we were going the other way!

Catch ya next time.  Next you will see the sights of Washington DC.   love Melva.




3 responses to “Never-ending bridge in Maryland!

  1. Lynnaire Liversedge

    Just exclt thanks Melva – remember those photos of those bridges in China – totally amazing what clever people we human beings can be a building stuff.
    Auckland’s Art Gallery now open – is totally gorgeous.
    Luv L.

    • Hi there. I am on the count down now before I head back to LA but still have trip to New York to finish off with. Weather has been unusually hot for this time of year. I am sure it must have hit 90deg when we were out this arvo….so much for all the winter woollies I came armed with! Allblacks still holding their own. Have you got very caught up in RWC fever around the city? From what gatherfrom the net the city and transport is having trouble coping!Great to know Chantal is so well settled now and hope the TV show works out. No doubt you have a busy life as usualSeen much of May (she must be leaving soon ) and Lynn? Catch ya later. Love. Mxx

  2. Woah…that’s some bridge! As for the gridlock…we’ll have the complete opposite in a few days! (:

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