Almost heaven, West Virginia. . .

As John Devver wrote in his famous song, West Virginia is high in the mountains and is definitely a heavenly place!  We took a slight detour and  travelled  through this state on our way back to Alexandria.

But first, we had a last chat with the family round the breakfast table with Bruce’s Mum, Dad and Grandmother. then it was time to hit the road.

West Vriginia is true hill-billy country. It’s like going back in time to the gun-toting, moon-shining days it is famous for.   Besides being one of the most beautiful states it  is also one of poorest.  We saw farm houses and crops and even some farm animals!

We found the ultimate in a general “everything store” with true “huntin’ – shootin’ West Virginia style!” It also reflected the strong Native American Indian influence in the region.  We had lots of fun looking at everything and didn’t leave the store without our hands full.

The day had been fairly overcast but later in the afternoon there was a lovely burst of sun. We pulled over to the side of the road and captured these shots.  It was just magical!  Then it was back into our little Honda hybrid and homeward bound!

Bye for now, love Melva.


One response to “Almost heaven, West Virginia. . .

  1. Loved the photos of the forest and the old farmhouses…sure felt like moving back in time! (:

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