Michigan Tour: Day Two

We stayed the night at the Lake Shore Hotel, situated in the little town of Empire. .  The hotel management have a world map in the reception area and they have their guests mark what countries they are from. There was only one marker in New Zealand (in the South Island) so I added my flag for Auckland!

In the morning we walked around Empire Village and we came across a couple of interesting things. One was a HUGE maple tree with a plaque claiming it to be the winner of the Biggest National Maple Tree Contest for 2010!  And Empire sure is an honest place. We noted that the items for sale outside a local antique/garden center are routinely left out all night!

The shores of Lake Michigan, one of the great lakes, was our next stop! I couldn’t believe I was actually standing on these very shores. The lake is so “great” that it is like being at the beach and looking out to sea.  As you can see below, the area is beautifully kept and the water was crystal clear!  And then it was back on the road again….

Heading to Lansing we traveled through orchard country.  We screeched to a holt at one of the roadside stalls.  I was amazed to see freshly picked apples at the end of their summer. We bought a big bucket of apples and some strange looking plums which I found out were the type that prunes come from.

The day would not have been complete without a strong coffee and we found another very creative cafe in the unlikely town of Luddington!

Catch you next time! love Melva









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