Hi from Lansing.

It was wonderful to meet Bruce’s family and stay in their home. They made me very welcome and  I soon felt like one of the family. My first day was spent getting to know the place. Leisa and Bruce took me on a tour of Lansing. It is the state seat of government and the Capital Building is most impressive.

Leisa and I went and explored the Old Town Lansing area that dates back to the early 1800’s.  The area ia undergoing a artistic revitalization and there are a number of interesting art galleries. We stopped into a few of them.

You would think the photo above was a plant shop however it is a new theatre that has opened in the area.

I got to see the architecture of some of the local homes. Check out the one below. This one is especially for Paul Conole.   It has a wrap around cedar shingle roof which the home owner spent three months building.  This was one of the homes that Leisa selected to paint as part of her Lansing series.  She chose  another really interesting brick one which is also below.

After a couple of days we headed north to the Great Lakes district of Michigan. Believe it or not, there are close to 9,000 lakes in the state of Michigan!  But that’s another post….and right now I’m off to bed.  Good night!   Love Melva


One response to “Hi from Lansing.

  1. Well Melva this is the first blog I have ever visited let alone replied to! Just read all your entries and your trip sounds fabulous.

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