On the road to Michigan

We travelled through five states to arrive at our destination 13 hours later!  Lansing Michigan is the capital city of the state of Michigan where Bruce’s family lives.  We passed through some interesting towns and countryside.  As you probably have guessed, I have been very taken by the style of homes here. Some of the main ones being Victorian, Queen Ann and Craftsman/bungalow style, which I particularly love.  It’s quite a contrast to NZ. Below are some examples on our first stop, the quaint town of Middletown in the state of Maryland. 

As we travelled on we were looking for a rest stop to eat our lunch, but I soon learned that rest spots as we know them in NZ are few and far between.  We ended up settling for a grassy area next to one of the many antique shops along the way. No bench of course so we improvised and had a very healthy lunch at least.

Being that we still had a long way to go, we left the small country roads and jumped onto the turnpike  (toll roads) to speed things up. On these main routes one finds “rest stops” that seemed to me to be more like airports! But there was no time to waste as we made a bee-line for Starbucks for a final brew before driving the last leg.  We drove off into the sunset. . . this is obviously the last photo of the day. We arrived in Lansing around 11.30 pm. 

I’ll sign off here. In my next post I will give you a taste of Lansing.  Otherwise, it’s good night from me…. this is Melva, reporting live, from Michigan. love M


2 responses to “On the road to Michigan

  1. Ha Ha reporting live!! Beryl is interested in how your trip is going so I’ll be able to pass some news on to her.

  2. Lynnaire Liversedge

    wow Melva – wot a HUGE trip ie 13hrs….coulda covered length of NZ pretty much… – great photos Luv Lnaire

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