Exploring Shops of Old Town Alexandria.

I should explain that Old Town shop buildings date back to the early 1800’s and in the pouring rain and a thunderstorm lack of shop veranda’s certainly didn’t help! Despite the obstacles, Leisa and I had lots of fun! 

Unlike NZ, many of the shops are open late every night.  In Old Town they are all unique and have their own specialty.  A great example is “Arts Afire Glass Gallery” selling everything one could imagine ( or not imagine) that is made of glass. From very large floor standing pots, vases and glasses, ornaments to the most fine and delicate jewelry.

Then there was “Imagine Artwear” with mostly hand made fabrics used to make arty but very wearable day and evening wear along with some really fun jewelry and accesories.  There were a couple of things there that I will be back for a second look at for sure.

The “Olio” fresh olive oil and aged balsamic vinigar tasting shop had to be my favourite though.  Endless varietis of each were set out on tables in sort of mini- vats with a tap and little cups along with cubes of bread in silver covered bowls. There must have been a couple of dozen of each all different flavours and combinations….can you imagine things like choclate or coffee balsamic and blood orange olive oil!   They were all yummy! The shop has just opened and we made friends with the owner Peggy, who you can see below.

 By now we were ready for a coffee so back out into the night to “Mishas”.  Not only do they serve great coffee but at one end of the cafe they grind bulk beans into dozens of speciality coffee blends.  You can only imagine the aroma which is out of this world!

 Our next aventure was to attend a very interesting fashion event and I have some great photos to share with you.  But that is for my next installment! Love Melva.


2 responses to “Exploring Shops of Old Town Alexandria.

  1. Wow it all sounds very cool. I can imagine you might struggle with your suitcase becoming overweight on the trip home if you really endulged!!

  2. Lynnaire Liversedge

    A real OMG set of experiences – I could ‘almost’ imagaine I was smelling the coffee from here in Ponsonby Ak!!!! as for the Balsamic’s and Olive Oils “bloody gorgeous’ to quote my fav. twins.
    Lurved the ‘green” cardy!! in pic above too. All sounds to me like a MJST see 2nd time around.

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