Day in Washington DC

I love the architecture in DC. Mostly brick but each quite individual and set in lovely tree lined streets.

It sure can rain in DC and we were very grateful for loan of a very large umberella, otherwise we would have got drowned….as it was we gave up trying to avoid gushing drains and just waded on through!

 The tour of L. Ron Hubbard House was definitely a highlight. You can see me standing in the entrance. Inside I could just imagine sitting in on one of Ron’s lectures.  The mural opposite Rons desk is quite inspirational and  the host and caretaker of the LRH House, Nate, even gave me a peak into a couple of the desk drawers.


Couldn’t face the return treck in the still pouring rain so Leisa hailed a cab to the  DC Church, a lovely Ideal Org which is situated right in the heart of the city in a beautiful historic building. See the entrance below.  Leisa gave me a tour, we had expresso coffee in the canteen, and then it was back to the Metro and home.

OK, so that’s update number two. Thanks for your great feedback to my first post and I am glad you appreciate my efforts.  Leisa commented today that right now it is  taking me about three times as long to write my posts  than to have the actual experience so it can only get better!!!!!  I’m slowly getting the hang of it …..

Love and wish you were here having fun with me, Melva xxx


2 responses to “Day in Washington DC

  1. Ha Ha Leisa must be exagerating! The buildings certainly have appeal and have that old world charm which few of our buildings have. Which reminds me to tell you Downton Abbey, the next series is starting next month. They have a budget of $13m to make seven episodes. Amazing aye.

  2. Lynnaire Liversedge

    Hi M. – What an AMAZING set of photo’s – loved reading and seeing it all – really looking forward to next episode.Luv Lynnaire

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