Arriving in the USA!

The flight from Auckland to LA went very smoothly. There was even a entire Marine Corps regiment on board so I had plenty of help getting my bags up and down! 

I was met at the airport by Diane McDonald and thoroughly enjoyed sipping coffee in her beautiful courtyard, followed by lunch at an Italian restaurant. 

I caught up with my sister Eunice at the Manor Hotel (where we stayed the night) and we had a lovely time together. 

Then it was onto Washington DC where my daughter Leisa and hubbie Bruce were there to meet me at 5 am  — too early even for the cafes!

Himemoa was sitting on my bed waiting for me when I arrived at Leisa and Bruce’s home. . .

Next Leisa and Bruce showed me a little of Old Town Alexandria, where they live.  We had a coffee at Madeline’s Cafe and headed to the local Farmer’s Market which happens to be the oldest such market in the USA. This is where George Washington himself went shopping for his fresh weekly produce!

Within two hours of arriving, I had met my first local Kiwi — a former All-Black no less, who played in two World Cups!  Didn’t catch his name, but thought someone might recognise him. 

Dinner at a genuine French restaurant in the heart of Old Town was a great way to start my USA holiday.  Below is the entrance to LaFayette and you can see the meals that Leisa and I had. Here’s my Wild Trout main course and Leisa’s Sassy Salmon were absolutely delicious.  Bruce had Filet Mignon.

We have since had an adventure into Washington DC via the metro (which I would have hated to try and negotiate on my own) and toured the new Founding Church of Scientology DC and original L. Ron Hubbard House.  More news and photos to come. . . love to you all, Melva


2 responses to “Arriving in the USA!

  1. Brilliant idea! How are the temperatures? We had them in the high 90s today…supposed to cool down a bit as the week wears on.

    I agree…your meal looks delicious! (:

  2. Lynnaire Liversedge

    Brilliant updates M. loved them both – We’re enjoying rain today NOT – brill. RWC opening night = rest assured AB’s have NOT peaked yet – whew all gud for us still to win this Bloody cup…and then re-elect our glorious PM -YEAH righ!!! Dale and his m8 Tony were on the couchs here and we all 3 dined well thruout the night and drank good beer!!!! Could see some of Fireworks off deck and rest on TV – was brill.
    Lynn and walked Tauwharenui beach below Omaha yesterday in glorious spring weather but today is raining – am sitting up in bed with coffee doing emails….
    looking forward to your next post – just have to learn how to save it – will ask Dale later when he comes upstairt….Luv to you all Lynnaire

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